• Dr. Shamsher Singh – Group Director, Vikrant Group of Institutions


    Dr Shamsher Singh reins the heart of many through his service for education. He has been the flag bearer for Technical education in the Private sector in Madhya Pradesh and has the honour of being the 15‘ to be awarded the Doctoral degree in engineering from IIT Mumbai. He has more than 3 decades of experience in the field of education. His experience along with his discipline and patience helped him towards perfection in all his endeavours. He believes in providing all, students and staff, with the opportunity to work hard, to achieve their personal best. He is like a lighthouse to those who were scattered in the sea of illiteracy. He ignites the young minds with education and moral values and inculcates a sense of discipline and character. He firmly endorses and follows the philosophy espoused by the great noble son of India, Swami Vivekananda who said: “The union of Science and Religion / Spirituality alone will bring peace to the mankind”.